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Thrive with innovative technology, a flexibile work schedule, and the best customers anyone could ask for.

We're working to enable businesses to be more agile, eliminate burdens related to traditional technical approaches, analyze data for competitive advantage, reduce costs, communicate easier, and make stronger connections with their customers. At Blizzard Apps, we love innovation and simplicity, and we do our best to marry the two whenever we can. We're based in downtown Buffalo, NY.

We believe that the in order to be a great company, we need the very best people. And the very best people are at their best when they are happy. We encourage our team tomaintain a balanced life and a flexible schedule. And beyond just words, we offer part-time, work-from-home opportunities for uniquely talented people who need flexibility.

If this sounds like you, we'd love to hear from you.

  • Interested in working for a company that is truly different?

    Do you enjoy disrupting old, inefficient ways of doing things?

    Then you've come to the right place.

Benefits & Perks

  • Very competitive salary with profit sharing
  • Part-time and telecommuting opportunities available
  • Lots and lots of good coffee
  • A fun environment where asking "why do we do that?" and knowing a better way than the boss is a welcome thing
  • Free gym membership
  • Paid holidays and vacation days.
  • Happy hours on us
  • Exposure to Fortune 500 operational techniques, and cutting edge technology

Open Positions

  • Customer success is our secret weapon.  By wowing our customers and creating delightful experiences, we directly impact our customer's experiences and turn them into passionate advocates of our brand.  Your efforts will ensure that our customers leverage more of the BlizzardApps platform, renew their subscriptions and become happy customers for life.


    About the Job:

    By wowing our customers and creating delightful experiences, we directly impact our customer's experiences and turn them into passionate advocates.  Your efforts will ensure that our customers leverage more of the Blizzard Apps platform, renew their subscriptions and become customers for life.

    About Us:

    • Blizzard Apps is a new type of IT partner, reseller and app developer.  We help businesses find the right solutions at the right cost, without the upfront capital investments and slow implementations of the past. Our creative developers provide the "secret sauce" to integrate these applications together seamlessly.
    • Responsibilities:

      • Actively manage the happiness of a portfolio of assigned Blizzard Apps customers.
      • Develop a success plan to ensure successful organizational adoptions.
      • Close renewal business on a monthly basis, meeting or exceeding your quota.
      • Identify other customer pain points and develop new add-on sales opportunities to our existing customer base.
      • Become familiar with the applications and technology that we have decided to include in our portfolio because they are the most beneficial to our market.
      • Work with product management to translate business needs to product requirements and craft new solutions for customers.


      • You have 2-4 years of account management and/or sales experience from a high tech company.
      • You have experience developing strategies on assigned accounts to fully leverage technology solutions.
      • You must have a strong technology knowledge base, preferably some development experience and ability leveraging teams to get things done.
      • You must be honest, accountable, and know how to build trusted relationships with executive sponsors and end users.


    Apply and tell us why you are a great fit for our company.
  • This is a great opportunity to help develop our new venture-funded platform. You're input and efforts will directly impact our platform direction and functional specs. Our developers have virtually no legacy code baggage to hold them back.

    Brief Description

    We can't describe the project in depth here, as we're keeping it under wraps. However, experience leveraging Ruby on Rails, JQuery, mySQL, to build end to end functional web applications. Development activities will be geared primarily towards web application development. PHP knowledge a plus.

    About the Job:

    • We offer flexible working arrangments, both for full time and part time opportunities. Talk to us about your situation and let us know what arrangment would best allow you to flourish. Our engineers drive the business forward by solving real-world problems and innovating to the delight of millions of customers. We're committed to investing in our technology initiatives, so the ability to make an impact has never been greater. We don't come to work because we have to. We come to work because we want to.


    • Strong Ruby and Rails knowledge, Rails 3 preferred
    • JavaScript knowledge. You won't have to write tons of it, but you should be comfortable digging into front-end code if needed.
    • Decent command of Object Oriented Programming concepts.
    Apply Tell us why you are a great fit for this opportunty.
  • At Blizzard Apps, we like to think we're pretty smart, but....we know we don't know everything. If you think you have a unique skillset and experience that can add value to our customers and our organization, email us and tell us why.

    Just a few requirements:

    • You take pride in being detail oriented and organized, and following up.
    • You love regularly beating client's expectations.
    • You work well in a team environment